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League of Mermaids

League of Mermaids Strategy Guide

Atlantis is in peril again and only you and your mermaid friend can help!

Chapter 1, Level 3
Destructive Power

For this level you will want to clear the red pearls on the left and right bowls in order to obtain the power ups. This level introduces the Bomb Pearl power up. The Bomb Pearl drops a destructive explosion that clears away any pearls around it. Once you collect the Bomb pearl, drop it in the center to maximize the Bomb Pearls' area of effect and clear as many pearls as possible. Bombs away!

Chapter 1, Level 10
The Bowl of Thunders

The Bowl of Thunders introduces the Storm Pearl. Collect the blue Storm Pearl located on the center rock wall in the middle by knocking it off its perch and matching it up with two other blue pearls. When you collect it, drop it in the center and see the sparks fly as pearls around it disappear. Finish the level by matching and dropping pearls into the middle and the left or right funnels. Be careful aiming any pearls through the middle walls as they can ricochet unpredictably.

Chapter 1, Level 13
Haunted Ruins

Haunted Ruins is where the elusive Ghost Pearl makes its appearance. Like a laser, the Ghost Pearl zaps pearls in a straight line, passing through walls and other obstacles. To start, first clear away the pearls blocking the Ghost Power Up. Once you collect the Ghost power up, use it to zap away the frozen pearl in either the left or right entry ways. Clear the remaining pearls on the top and bottom and move on to the next stage.

Chapter 1, Level 15
The Crown of Poseidon

The Crown of Poseidon is the last level of chapter 1. This one can be tricky but the idea is to not drop any pearls in the middle, instead clear the seaweed pearls from the sides. This will make the pearls drop onto the side. Use the Bomb power ups to blow up the center pearls, then clear out the pearls one by one.

Chapter 2, Level 1
The Crystal Hearts

Chapter 2 introduces the new Crystal Hearts. By matching the three Crystal Hearts together the treasure bar will automatically fill. Try to match these pearls together as they will help you quickly finish any stage. In The Crystal Hearts, you want to knock the two Crystal Hearts perched on the blocks into the middle where the third one is. Clear out any pesky pearls in the way and push the hearts as close as possible. If you manage to match them, the treasure bar will fill up and clear out a random amount of pearls. Match any remaining pearls and move on to the next stage.

Chapter 2, Level 4
Sun Beam

Chapter 2, Level 4 Sun Beam, is where the powerful Beam Pearl makes its appearance. This power up is able to clear any pearls in a horizontal line. First, attempt to match the Crystal Hearts in the center of stage. You will want to clear the pearls so that it would make a funnel for the Hearts to fall into. The best strategy for using Beam Pearls is to drop them in a lower area so that it clears out pearls holding up other pearls. Match the crystal Hearts to clear out a large number of pearls. Collect any remaining Beam Pearls and zap away the last pearls.

Chapter 2, Level 9
Bouncing Pearls

The Spring Pearl is a tricky power up to use. This power up pearl bounces around sporadically, clearing out any pearls that it touches, but be careful as it can bounce off the stage when not dropped correctly. To complete this level, push the crystal hearts into the middle of the stage and try to match them up to fill the treasure bar. There is also a bomb power up that should help. Collect the Spring Pearls off the sides and drop them in the center to maximize its area of effect. Finish the stage by dropping pearls off the left and right sides so that they roll into the remaining pearls.

Chapter 2, Level 12

This level can be tricky, but with patience it can be completed with ease. Do not attempt to place any pearls on the bottom half of the screen; as the pearls tend to ricochet and either bounce off the level or roll over undesired pearls, blocking any chance at matching them. It's better to concentrate on the top half of the screen and trying to match the Crystal Hearts. Carefully clear away the seaweed and pearls between the Crystal Hearts. Filling up the Treasure Bar should clear away all the seaweed pearls, allowing all of the pearls to drop to the bottom. Collect the Bomb Pearl in the center and blast away any remaining pearls.

Chapter 3, Level 1
Vanishing Pearls

Chapter 3, Level 1 Vanishing Pearls, is where you will find the final power up, The Clear pearl. This power up eliminates all of the same colored pearls that it touches from the stage. Before dropping it, scan the level to see which of the same colored pearls you wish to eliminate, then drop the power up on top of that same colored pearl. To begin, first clear out the middle funnel to create a direct route to the pearls at the bottom. You can do this quickly by using the power up pearl; dropping it on a white pearl so that the frozen seaweed pearl in the middle is eliminated. Alternatively dropping the Clear Pearl power up on any treasure pearls can add a lot of points to the Treasure Bar. There is also a storm pearl at the bottom of the stage, use that to clear any remaining pearls and move on.

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