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Paranormal State: Poison Spring Collector's Edition

Thrills abound as the ghost-hunters from the hit TV show “Paranormal State” race to solve terrifying Civil War hauntings. Save Poison Spring Park in this eerie Hidden Object Adventure!

PC Games


  • Brainville


    Train your brain by helping the colorful townsfolk of Brainville in a variety of mind-building challenges. A truly fun way to...
    More Info
    GENRE: Family, Legacy Origi...
    DEVELOPER: Legacy Games
    RELEASE DATE: 01/12/2008
    FILE SIZE: 62 MB
  • Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom

    Jewel Legends: Magical Kingdom

    Once the people of the Magical Kingdom lived in contentment and prosperity, but then the army of the Black Sorcerer took everything...
    More Info
    GENRE: Match 3
    DEVELOPER: Mind Elevator Games
    RELEASE DATE: 03/04/2014
    FILE SIZE: 240 MB
  • Crayola Bubbles

    Crayola Bubbles

    Create, swish and pop gorgeous 3D bubbles in Crayola Bubbles! Grab a virtual wand and wave it around in real life using natural hand...
    More Info
    GENRE: Puzzle, Simulation, ...
    DEVELOPER: Legacy Games
    RELEASE DATE: 06/24/2015
    FILE SIZE: 2837 MB
  • Motor Town: Soul of the Machine

    Motor Town: Soul of the Machin...

    Explore the eerie depths of Motor Town in search of an inventor who plans to create cars with souls! Search vintage vehicles and...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object
    DEVELOPER: Alawar
    RELEASE DATE: 03/22/2013
    FILE SIZE: 206 MB
  • Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby

    Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ru...

    Who is behind the series of kidnappings that started many years ago? The only thing that connects these crimes is the ruby pendant...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object
    DEVELOPER: Alawar
    RELEASE DATE: 03/28/2014
    FILE SIZE: 345 MB
  • Rescue Team 5

    Rescue Team 5

    Join the world famous Rescue Team and experience an adventure you'll never forget! Once again, people in peril are looking to the...
    More Info
    GENRE: Time Management
    DEVELOPER: Alawar
    RELEASE DATE: 10/02/2015
    FILE SIZE: 150 MB
  • Atlantis Double Pack

    Atlantis Double Pack

    Double the Atlantis, double the fun at half the price! Buy this Match-3 + Time Management double pack for just $6.95, that's 50%...
    More Info
    GENRE: Puzzle, Time Managem...
    DEVELOPER: Legacy Games
    RELEASE DATE: 07/26/2013
    FILE SIZE: 546 MB
  • Witch's Pranks: Frog's Fortune

    Witch's Pranks: Frog'...

    Once there was a wicked witch and one day she decided to get married to a handsome prince. The only problem – all the princes were...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object, Adven...
    DEVELOPER: Shaman Games
    RELEASE DATE: 08/01/2014
    FILE SIZE: 515 MB
  • Beyond the Legend: Mysteries of Olympus

    Beyond the Legend: Mysteries o...

    Travel to ancient Greece to relive a beautiful tale of romance in this exciting Hidden Object Adventure. Theron, a modest hunter...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object
    DEVELOPER: Teyon
    RELEASE DATE: 01/06/2016
    FILE SIZE: 208 MB
  • The Path of Hercules

    The Path of Hercules

    Follow the path of a great hero of the past, Hercules, as you embark on a new exciting journey. Ancient Greece prospered under the...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object, Match...
    DEVELOPER: Playrix
    RELEASE DATE: 12/10/2013
    FILE SIZE: 131 MB
  • Myths of Orion: Light from the North

    Myths of Orion: Light from the...

    A long time ago, in the realm of Orion, a powerful, but greedy wizard collected knowledge from all around the world. And thus came...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object
    DEVELOPER: Layernet
    RELEASE DATE: 12/05/2014
    FILE SIZE: 480 MB
  • Greed: Forbidden Experiments

    Greed: Forbidden Experiments

    Julia is surrounded by unusual circumstances after she receives a mysterious phone call. The caller asks Julia to rescue her twin...
    More Info
    GENRE: Hidden Object
    DEVELOPER: Urchin Games
    RELEASE DATE: 02/19/2016
    FILE SIZE: 822 MB
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